Social Media Consultant

Do you need consistent content and streamlined management of your social media?

Think your social media strategy is falling flat? A social media consultant can help you revive it and make the most of your channels.

Are you having issues with:

  • Knowing which to use and setting up your Social Media accounts.
  • A lack of direction and your industry purpose for Social Media.
  • Creating and posting consistent industry relevant content.
  • Increasing website traffic via Social Media.
  • Getting good results from pay-per-click adds on Social Media.​
  • Integrating your Social Media with your other business services such as your website and voice systems.
  • Lack of understanding or strategy for social media
  • Trying to do too much themselves instead of leveraging a consultant’s expertise
  • Lack of tracking or goal setting for social media campaigns
  • Not enough time to spend on engaging with followers and potential customers
  • Focusing too much on selling rather than providing valuable content and building relationships
  • Not using the full potential of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


We understand how to use social media in your digital marketing effectively.

Our experience can help you solve problems and increase the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. We can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on our years of experience in the industry.

We can help you improve your strategy, create better content, and reach more people. If you're looking to take your social media efforts to the next level, a social media consultant is a great resource to have on your team. Contact us today to get started!

Social Examples, by Strzec.

Why Use a Social Media Consultant?

Improved visibility online
Increased brand awareness
Guidance on which social media platforms
Greater reach
Identify their target audience
Develop creative content marketing strategies

Social Media Marketing


One of the first steps in Social Media Marketing is assessing the current state of your efforts on social media and analyzing social medias role in your industry. Once we have an understanding of where your efforts stand, we can start making a plan to boost your results.


We will create a plan in direct alignment with the companies overall digital marketing strategy. We will include actionable items including one-time and recurring tasks. This plan is then reviewed with the client.


Upon approval, we begin execution of the Social Media Marketing (SMM) plan which may include initial setups or improvements on existing setups. We will implement additionally best practices from the Strzec SMM SOP.


Once fully implemented an approved management plan will be executed. The ongoing tasks decided will continuously be managed and monitored by the Strzec team. Based on the approved plan this may include upkeep and ongoing fresh content on a agreed basis.

Enjoy The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Seamlessly and consistently produce fresh content

Creative cohesive online branding

Build more trust in potential customers

Create brand and product awareness

Drive more vistors to your website

Get more opportunities thru strategic marketing.